The Role of Davidson Sanchez Against Brazil Match

It was not a good start for Davidson Sanchez for the 2019-20 season held at the Stadium of Tottenham Hotspur. He played a major role for the goal that Aston Villa got on the commencing day because his focus was not on the ball. He was faulty because he moved across the left which made the area totally unmarked. It was easy for Joellinton to seal the goal from that area to become the winners.

Headlines were written on Sanchez when he had a stifling time in the North London Derby match against Arsenal when Maurico Pochettino decided to change his position across the right-back position in the absence of Kyle Walker-Peter. The change did not have much effect which was desired by all. Now all eyes are on the team sheet that will be declared against Crystal Palace. From this sheet, it will be determined whether the defender will be kept among the first eleven players for the team or not.

Currently, Davidson is away on his international duty as Colombia will be facing two back-to-back games in the United States. The club football will resume in the coming week. During the match against Brazil, the 23-year-old started off well as he played his first match for his country. He let know Neymar that he was present when the match got tied with 2-2 in Miami. Both the players were going forward with the ball inside the penalty area just before it went out of the play zone and Sanchez was quick to utilise the strength of his upper body.

The player from Paris Saint-Germain made a header that went straight into the advertising boards. The Brazilian player was able to return to play and continued for a full 90 minutes of the game after that massive collision. Davidson Sanchez will be seen in the next match against Venezuela.

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