Roberto Mancini does not want to get carried away in Inter Milan

Inter Milan has enjoyed a superb start of the season after having collected a total of 36 points from the opening 17 matches of the season, they are currently at the top of the Italian League and the head coach of the Italian squad, Roberto Mancini has even been receiving offers from other clubs that want him to make a move away from Inter Milan and take charge of another team.

Even with this impressive start that Inter Milan has been going through, Roberto Mancini still doesn’t consider his team to be the favorites of being claimed as the next champions of Italy, and taking into consideration just how competitive and combative this season has turned out to be, it’s a wise decision for Mancini to make.

Mancini wants to remain realistic as anything can happen. Inter Milan has 36 points but they are being followed closely behind by Fiorentina who have 35 points and Napoli also has 35 points. The 4th spot is being filled filled by Juventus which is still in the race for the Italian title with 33 points and at least in this point in time, there isn’t a club that can truly be considered to be as favorites.

When Inter Milan’s Roberto Mancini was asked if he considers his own team to be the favorites on claiming the Italian League title, he replied by saying: “There are seasons in which things go your way, but we’re not even halfway through yet. There will be many teams fighting for the Scudetto. Statistics are all well and good, but they’re worthless until you win a trophy.I think Juventus, Napoli and Fiorentina are the favorites, then we’ll see what happens. It is never easy to win, we have a different objective, but we’ll see where we are at theend.

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