Qatar may Win the World cup 2018

With the world cup coming up in 2022 being hosted in Qatar, it appears that Qatar is now gunning to win the World 2018 cup and is doing everything in their power to make sure they’re ready to achieve just a feat.

There’s a lot of scary competition however qualifying for the world cup in 2018. We have Russia who is pushing their boundaries and limits in Russia and then we have only 12 more nations that are left to quality for the world cup. The World Cup is only two years away and every team is anxious to win. Every team wants to not only qualify but leave the stadium as a victor.

The main problem comes with Daniel Carreno as he struggles with a very real problem. He needs to manage to make it past the third round if he wants to make it into the tournament and he’d be known as the very first person to make unreal history as the very first Qatari team to even play in football’s largest tournament. Qatari has not gone without any kind of scrutiny or doubt, as they face a lot of questions during their journey to not only the 2018 world cup but the 2022 cup which will be hosted right on their home turf.

The pressure is ever present and it’s not going away anytime soon. It was shown that Qatar can easily assert their dominance in recent games. Then, we have people unifying against Russia to win the World Cup such as Australia and Japan. In the very last round of the Asian Qualifying matchups, they were unified as one against Russia for the 2018 World Cup. Qatar has a long road ahead of them and a lot of work to do if they want to make it or be seen as serious qualifiers for the World Cup. However, with some determination and the right coaching, they can do it, as many fans believe.

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