Colombia and Brazil faced off in a special friendly match

Earlier in the year on January, Colombia and Brazil locked horns against each other in a game that was mainly aimed as a way to remember the lives that were lost during the tragic air disaster which saw 71 people in a plane dying.

This air crash occurred on November 28 of 2016 as the Brazilian club Chapecoense were making their way to play their 1st leg of the 2016 Copa Sudamericana Finals in Medellin but the match could never actually be played.

This friendly encounter between Colombia and Brazil was also held in order to raise money for the families of the victims.

Even though the actual match in itself was not very important, this game still served as a way for the Colombian national side to warm themselves up for their upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualification matches where they have to play against Ecuador on March 28 of 2017.

Colombia needs all the friendlies and preparation matches that they can get as they are struggling trying to find a qualification spot in the CONMEBOL group which consists of: Brazil, Uruguay, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela and of course Colombia.

The Colombian national side has collected 18 points from their initial 12 matches played so far.

Only 1 goal was scored during the entirety of the match and it was scored by the Brazilian player Dudu as Brazil edged out the victory in this remembrance friendly encounter.

There were only 6 people that survived from the airplane crash and 4 of them appeared in the pitch where this match was played. Neto, Ruschel, Follmann and Rafael Hernandez received commemorative plates as they paid their respects to the victims involved in the crash along with everyone else that made their way to the pitch before the game started.


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