Colombia┬┤s FIFA World Cup Qualification run has been splendid

Jose Pekerman has been at the helm of the Colombian national side since 2012 and it seems like he will be able to guide them once again through another FIFA World Cup after having already done it in 2014.

During the 2014 edition of the FIFA World Cup, Colombia was able to reach the quarter-finals after overcoming Uruguay in the Round of 16 but ultimately being knocked out by Brazil.

Reaching the quarter-finals is a remarkable feat as they had not been able to even qualify in the 3 previous editions of the tournament.

From the looks of it, Pekerman is going to repeat the task of qualifying as Colombia is pitted in the 2nd spot of the CONMEBOL group after winning 7 matches, losing 4 and drawing 3.

These results has allowed Colombia to stay behind Brazil with 24 points and after 14 matches, they are above the rest of the national sides which is a remarkable feat considering that they have collected more points than other highly-rated national teams such as: Uruguay, Argentina and Uruguay.

The next qualification match of Colombia is scheduled to be played on August 31 as they lock horns with Venezuela which has already been eliminated and the team of Jose Pekerman is expected to continue their fine form with another triumph.

Brazil has already qualified for the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup and this means that the rest 3 top spots are up for grabs and every other national side are attempting to snatch that coveted position.

Colombia are one of the favorites on making it through and earning their qualifying ticket for the next edition of the international competition and with Jose Pekerman being at the frontlines, they should be able on qualifying for their 2nd successive time.

It seems like Pekerman has found a way to mold everything together in the Colombian national side and this is evident by their consistent string of positive results.