Carlos Valderrama is proud of David Ospina’s performance

The Colombian shot-stopper of Arsenal David Ospina has recently performed at the international stage as he was included in Colombia’s FIFA 2018 World Cup qualifying match against Brazil which concluded with the Brazilian national side claiming a 2-1 triumph.

Even though the Colombian national side lost this match against Brazil, Carlos Valderrama had a few positive things to say about the team that he used to perform with over 15 years ago.

Carlos Valderrama is one of the most recognized Colombian icons in the world of football as he made over 100 appearances for his national side. It’s been around 12 years since Valderrama retired from playing football at a competitive level but he still remains up to date with everything that is occurring in the sport and he recently praised Arsenal’s David Ospina.

Brazil did overcome Colombia with a narrow scoreboard of 2-1 but Valderrama is certain that the Brazilian nation would’ve won by an overwhelming amount if it hadn’t been for the impressive performance that David Ospina displayed during that match as he said:

“We played badly and I must say, we started the match asleep. Thank God we have a goalkeeper category which gives confidence, or it would’ve been a thrashing.”

The Colombian national side is working to find a qualification spot for the approaching 2018 FIFA World Cup and they are currently located at the 4th spot of the CONMEBOL group stage as they have collected 13 points from the 8 opening matches which have been played so far.

The national side that secures the 4th spot of this group is able to advance to the upcoming worldwide competition which is good news for Colombia as it’s their current position but there still are more than 8 matches left to be played and anything can happen in these qualifying matches.

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