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Panel Comunicación y Educación – Francisco Sierra, Carlos Valderrama – Modera Carolina Mejía

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Pastor Carlos Valderrama en boda Leon tribu de Juda.avi

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La Pampa y la Puna de Carlos Valderrama Esposos Crosby – Piura Peru

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Carlos Valderrama — Juego de fútbol App

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The Colombian icon Carlos Valderrrama has joined an analytical team in ESPN in which he will be and has already started talking about the upcoming World Cup as well as the Colombian national team, the squad he used to play in during the 80’s and 90s.

Valderrama is now a member of the television show ‘’ Balon Dividido’’ of ESPN in Colombia.

‘’For me it’s a huge satisfaction being here and I am hoping that everything works well with everybody around me. When I received the invitation to join the team, I did not hesitate’’.

‘’The Idea is to stay in tune and up to date In Brazil with the Colombian national team so we can give our thoughts after each match is played. I am optimistic about the team that Colombian will be playing with for the upcoming worldwide and I am so confident because of the previous performances that the team has already made and in the way that Colombia managed to qualify, it gives the fans a sense of tranquility and confidence’’.

Valderrama also went on talking about the first match which will be according to him, the encounter that sets the tone for all the remaining games and its crucial for them to get a positive result.

Colombia’s first match is scheduled to be played on June 14 as they face off against Greece.

The head coach of Colombia, Jose Pekerman recently went through a surgery on on his left knee and the media have already announced that everything happened successfully without any kind of complications which is good news for the man that has some tough and busy weeks ahead of him as he has to select the squad that he will bring to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup.

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