Radamel Falcao sustained a knee injury during Monaco’s match against Chasselay some weeks ago and now the Colombian superstar is doubtful if he can be fully fit for the 2014 World Cup which starts in June.

The star of As.Monaco was expected to be the main driving force behind Colombia for the World Cup as they have to face off against Greece, Ivory Coast and Japan. While it still remains uncertain if Falcao will be ready in time for the worldwide competition, some coaches believe that he will be playing at the World Cup.

According to the head coach of As.Monaco, Claudio Ranieri stated that the recovery of Falcao is going on well and he thinks he should be ready in time.

‘I had Radamel Falcao on the phone yesterday; He’s doing well and working hard. His knee is reacting very positively; I think he’ll play at the World Cup.’ Ranieri told the official club’s website.

The injury that Falcao sustained is so serious that As.Monaco signed Dimitar Berbatov as a replacement until the Colombian star can get back to his feet and play for his club. This is Colombia’s first World Cup since 1998 and the absence of a player with the caliber of Falcao will surely be noticed.
Carlos Valderrama is a former captain of Colombia and he is one of the latest figures to talk about the situation of his country and he also believes that Falcao should be able to recover just in time for the 2014 World Cup.

When Valderrama was asked if Falcao was going to make it into the World Cup, he replied by saying yes.

‘’I think that he can make it in time and if he continues working at the same pace, he definitely will. If something happens and he is somehow unable to fully recover in time, then there will be problems but the team has a positive energy and there are other players that are still capable of scoring goals but it will not be the same if Falcao is not in the team’’.

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