Christian Jaramillo’s Insane Ball Control – Volume 2

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31 thoughts on “Christian Jaramillo’s Insane Ball Control – Volume 2”

  1. It’s the wrong number you got on your shirt. Should be number 9. He’s the master of ball control 🙂

  2. @Acofutbol10 Control is more important than speed. There’s eleven players on the field, and while you’re running at full velocity, trying to poke the ball from a player that keeps the ball close to him, he’ll just pass it and make your efforts null and void. Simply put, if you believe speed is more important than control, then you’ll be spending a lot of time getting substituted.

  3. Do u play for a club for teenagers or a academy if u do please tell me what its called?

  4. Really good video, but how will you use all this time for control is there is a defender on you back?

  5. HAHA rofler. bad bad bad. even a 10 year’ed old boy from denmark could do it much better 🙂

  6. okay control, but your 17, im faster then you and i have better control and im 15, whats control without speed? nothing!

  7. u suck!!! u just punchig ball in the air and that is your ball control? go and train hard,don’t make stupid videos,fucking idiot…

  8. Falta velocidad e tecnica para desarollar jugadas mas complexas! Estes “truques” estan mui simples! Mi abuela hace mejor! Vienga entrenar num club de Brazil para mejorar su calidad!

  9. LOL incredible kicking it up and controlling it means you’re like zizi and diego does it? dickhead

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