Carlos Valderrama – Simply The Best (the video)

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27 thoughts on “Carlos Valderrama – Simply The Best (the video)”

  1. @engelhaya Idk, but “Simply the best” I guess… / No se, pero supongo que “Simply the best”..

  2. Pero ahi si paila con Serpa jajajaja nunca gano, y se lanzo como 3 veces xD muy bieenn,, pero bueno.. Que viva el Pibe!

  3. @leopulga no amigo el pibe en sus epoca era mas que xavi, xavi tiene proyeccion y pase,,,,, el pibe tenia proyeccion, pase, gambeta ah y estilo

  4. Colombia necesita otro Valderrama. El era el corazon de colombia, es como un Xavi del Barcelona

  5. @Urivan10 mi hermano con todo repseto y donde me dejas al tino asprilla ,ah higuita ,ah willintong ortiz ,al tren valencia,a leonel alvares, ah freddy rincon documentate antes de lansar esos comentarios y sobre todo mucho respeto y que viva colombia

  6. i see your point, tho, totti plays as forward most of the time, a very talented player with lots of vision, but his main target is to score goals, not playmaking.

    its nice that you mention Rui Costa, i remember his time in Fiorentina and his partnership with Batistuta. They were both awesome!

  7. @2Funky4me Totti and Laudrup were better than all three. Haha. Did you know that Zidane only ever set up France’s all time highest scorer who he played with his whole career ONCE? And that was from a free kick in 2006. The likes of Rui Costa, Valderrama, Laudrup & Totti are on another planet compared to Zidane as playmaking goes. He wasn’t anywhere near as consistent as those guys either. Pretty playing style, though.

  8. Barcelona needs Xavi and Iniesta to do what Valderrama did by himself.

  9. Overheard some old guys talking about my mustache… I have reached a whole new level of awesome

  10. El Pibe was one of the best playmakers with best skills in South America and quiet underated.He was underated because he didnt play for Brazil,Argentina or Uruguay or any big club in Europe but even Pele honoured him as one of the hundry greatest players in history with all right.

  11. @FUCKTHEREST92 no, u can do ur own research there are few pics when he was a child. u can clearly tell his hair is natural blonde which is quite a peculiar trait since he is from cartagena, people there is either black or white i guess he is a mix in between!

  12. @marcadel01 vete a la merda hijode putaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  13. soy español soy cule desde la cuna pero este jugador solo con tocar dos pelotas al principio de partido ya sabes q sta echo de una pasta especial,un futbolista muy elegante y eficaz al mismo tiempo

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