Colombia and Brazil faced off in a special friendly match

Earlier in the year on January, Colombia and Brazil locked horns against each other in a game that was mainly aimed as a way to remember the lives that were lost during the tragic air disaster which saw 71 people in a plane dying.

This air crash occurred on November 28 of 2016 as the Brazilian club Chapecoense were making their way to play their 1st leg of the 2016 Copa Sudamericana Finals in Medellin but the match could never actually be played.

This friendly encounter between Colombia and Brazil was also held in order to raise money for the families of the victims.

Even though the actual match in itself was not very important, this game still served as a way for the Colombian national side to warm themselves up for their upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualification matches where they have to play against Ecuador on March 28 of 2017. Read more

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South American side Columbia are set to open a new football park after city council committee officials listened to a proposal by a representative of Saint Louis Steamers Soccer Club regarding the idea.

The club wants approval to build a two-field turf soccer park in the bottoms near the Hampton Inn, reports from South America claim.

The concept is because clubs say their growth is coming from the metro east so a soccer facility is crucial. The soccer park would contain not just the two artificial turf fields but a playground, a watershed and a concession stand.

Jason Glover, who resides in Columbia and represents St Louis Soccer club said: “[Clubs] want turf over here because their growth is coming from the metro east. This isn’t just a park. We want it to be used by the entire community and serve those needs.” Read more

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The airline LaMia has been suspended after more details surrounding the plane crash were released.

The Bolivian Civil Aviation Authority suspended the license of the airline on Thursday after more detail surrounding the LaMia Flight 2933 plane crash emerged. The airline reportedly allowed the crashed plane run over its capacity by twenty minutes.

The place had crashed Monday killing 71 people out f the 77 passengers on board. A Brazilian football side Chapecoense were almost wiped out. The goalkeeper of the side Jackson Follman was left with serious bodily damages. Aside the football team, 21 sports journalists set to cover the team’s game died during the accident.

The new details emerged from discovered data that set aside earlier reports that the pilot Miguel Alejandro Quiroga burnt the fuel in a bid to avoid an explosion. Data was discovered that the plane was fuelled with 21,000 lbs of fuel that should have been enough to last four hours. However, after four hours twenty minutes, air traffic controllers ordered the pilot to circle as the pilot begged for emergency landing.

There are claims that the pilot pleaded with the traffic controllers that there was no more fuel but his pleas were ignored. An audio tape was played on Columbian TV, capturing the voice of the pilot asking for permission to land immediately but he was placed on a queue for seven minutes – the third or fourth in line. The plane crashed minutes later with the final words being “we’re going down.”

Aside Follman, defender Alan Ruschel was among the three Chapecoense players that survived the crash. A rescue team member said the player was only concerned about his family as he received help. He is still in the hospital and believed to be in “stable” condition as at the time of this report.


Carlos Valderrama’s younger sister Gloria Maria Valderrama was tragically killed in a reported hit-and-run van. Her motorcycle collided with a van which immediately fled the scene, as reported by the Spanish media.

The Spanish daily, AS, wrote that the 43-year-old Gloria Maria Valderrama’s motorcycle collided with a van approaching in an opposite direction which then “disappeared” from the vicinity without waiting. Read more

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Carlos Valderrama is proud of David Ospina’s performance

The Colombian shot-stopper of Arsenal David Ospina has recently performed at the international stage as he was included in Colombia’s FIFA 2018 World Cup qualifying match against Brazil which concluded with the Brazilian national side claiming a 2-1 triumph.

Even though the Colombian national side lost this match against Brazil, Carlos Valderrama had a few positive things to say about the team that he used to perform with over 15 years ago.

Carlos Valderrama is one of the most recognized Colombian icons in the world of football as he made over 100 appearances for his national side. It’s been around 12 years since Valderrama retired from playing football at a competitive level but he still remains up to date with everything that is occurring in the sport and he recently praised Arsenal’s David Ospina.

Brazil did overcome Colombia with a narrow scoreboard of 2-1 but Valderrama is certain that the Brazilian nation would’ve won by an overwhelming amount if it hadn’t been for the impressive performance that David Ospina displayed during that match as he said:
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Host of the Olympic Games Brazil shone when they defeated Columbia in the quarter finals of the Olympics.

Brazil hosted the World Cup back in 2014, and then got the Olympics too. They hope to get their first medal in the men’s football event, yet they started on a poor note playing two goalless draws against South Africa and Iraq. Their performance drew serious concern for Brazilian football. They were record winners in the senior category, but had started a very poor run of late. They were knocked out in the group stage of the Copa America Centenario, after a 7-1 disgrace on home soil by Germany at the World Cup two years earlier was already too much to bear. They hoped to win the Olympics and were favourites so the initial group stage performance was disheartening.

The Neymar-inspired side showed their class when they trounced a Columbian side 2-0. Neymar sent in a perfectly executed plan barely 12 minutes into the game before Luan sealed victory just before the final whistle of the game. Columbia defeated Nigeria – the group leaders, in their last group game to qualify for the quarter finals. On the other hand, Brazil made the quarter finals by digging deep to win their last group game. They play Honduras in the semi finals on Wednesday.
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