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Valderrama Praises Rodriguez And Pekerman

The former star of Colombia Carlos Valderrama has been impressed with what his country has accomplished in this edition of the World Cup as he praised the work of the entire squad but gave special praise towards James Rodriguez and the coach of the team Jose Pekerman.

James Rodriguez is a young and promising figure who has managed to score 5 goals in 4 matches as he found the back of the net during all of the group matches which has helped Colombia on advancing through the next rounds of the World Cup.

With all of those impressive performances from James Rodriguez, Carlos Valderrama recently went out to the media and is even considering Rodriguez to his own successor, similar to the what happened some years ago when Robinho was making standout performances with his local club Santos and Pele stated that Robinho was going to be the player to follow his footsteps.

Jose Pekerman is also receiving ovation as the coach is considered to be one of the most influential figures who has transformed the Colombian team into what they are now and Valderrama applauded all of his work.

“We’re happy because we had never won two straight games in the World Cup, and we’ve got these guys and they are making history. I feel admiration for Pekerman, with everything he’s done. He has regained the identity of Colombian football.”  Valderrama told reporters

Colombia managed on reaching the quarter-final rounds of the 2014 World Cup and even if they are unable on advancing any further, it has already been a historic landmark that the team of Pekerman has managed on accomplishing with consecutive triumphs and impressive performances throughout all of the group stages.


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Herrera Places Ban On Alcohol And Sex

“If a player cannot endure a month or 20 days without having intercourse, then you are not prepared to be a professional. Let’s play a World Cup; we’re not going to a party.”

That was the statement released by the head coach of Mexico, Miguel Herrera as he prohibited the players of his team from consuming alcohol or having any types of sexual activities.

This is the opposite of what Felipe Scolari is doing with Brazil as the manager revealed that his players will be allowed to have sex and the former Colombian footballer Carlos Valderrama agrees with the decision of the Brazilian coach as he stated that this will relax the players after the matches.

“If we’d had sex during the World Cup, it would’ve been better. We would have relaxed after games especially after defeats. It’s total relaxation. It’s not an impediment. It should be quiet, cool, without inventing crazy poses. “Carlos Valderrama said.

The Colombian legend has experience playing in the international stage as he was featured in 3 World Cups making over 100 appearances for his country and still remains being an icon in his country for everything he accomplished.

Valderrrama voiced his opinion and support towards Colombia as he believes that they have what it takes to surprise the other teams. Ivory Coast, Greece and Japan will be the nations that Colombia will face off against in Group C and according to Valderrama all of them will be difficult opponents and he went on voicing his opinion about who he would like to see playing in the finals.

‘’I would like to watch Brasil vs Argentina in the finals as it would be a South American battle although it would also be great to see Spain vs Germany as a finals match between 2 of the best teams in Europe’’. Valderrama added on.

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Valderrama’s Echo In Rodriguez

Monaco winger James Rodriguez has often been likened as the next Carlos Valderrama. In America, Carlos Valderrama is regarded as one of the greatest players to have graced football. The Colombian played for several clubs across the world. Rodriguez will be wearing the famous number 10 shirt, which was once used by Carlos Valderrama for the national team. He says that it is a great pleasure to have this number especially considering the famous people who have won it before. Rodriguez has also been given a nickname similar to that of Valderrama.

He has recalled his time of meeting the great Colombian. Even though it was only once in his lifetime, he says that it was an enlightening experience. Colombia have been slowly becoming a force in world football once again. They were a top team at international level during the days of Valderrama. He played for them from a period of 1985 to 1998. During this period, he made more than 100 appearances and also scored 11 goals. Colombia will be returning to the World Cup finals for the first time since 1998. Rodriguez says that it is a joyous occasion for the national team.

Colombia have been placed in the same group containing Ivory Coast, Japan, and Greece.

“It`s an honour to be considered the heir to `El Pibe` at my age. Since I was little, I admired Valderrama and I always wanted to be like him. He was my hero and I am proud to wear the number 10 for Colombia while helping the national team return to the World Cup for the first time since 1998. I`ve only met Valderrama once and he`s a good person, someone who has done a lot for Colombia. And to be praised by him is an even greater honour,” said the Monaco winger.